Eirik Grønningsæter

Naturalist Guide / Contributing Photographer

Eirik Grønningsæter (1977)
Eirik has been a professional wildlife photographer and nature guide since
2007. For his images, famous for capturing the essence of habitat and the
behaviour of the animal he is photographing, he has been awarded in
competitions like BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year and European
wildlife photographer of the year (GDT) as well as been published in
prestigious magazines such as National Geographic. He has held several
exhibitions, and published one book. In between his photography and guiding,
he works as a field biologist doing fieldwork for various scientific
projects. His main interest is birds, but he has also worked with animals
such as whales, large predators and bats in different parts of the world.

He has become in love with the polar environment, and has worked in Svalbard
every season since 2001.  He visited the Antarctic for the first time in
2008. Through his work as a field biologist and photographer, he has gained
extensive polar bear experience – with most of the meetings being on foot.
His wide range of knowledge within animal behaviour ensures that an
expedition with Eirik is always something more than”just” a photography
trip. Eirik is a highly sought after guide and photographer in polar