Graeme Snow

Naturalist and Zodiac Driver

More commonly known as Snowy, Graeme is originally from Adelaide, South Australia, and has a professional background in electronic and telecommunications engineering. He joined the Australian Antarctic Division as a Radio Technical Officer in 1990, wintering at Casey in 1991 and spending a total of 16 months there. Since then he has spent a further four summers working and living at Australian stations as well as numerous shorter visits to stations, including those of many foreign nations. He has also spent over two years at sea on a total of 10 extended research voyages in the Southern Ocean and around the Antarctic continent. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Snowy worked for 15 years in the Engineering section of the AAD supporting Australia’s Antarctic Program.


He has been involved in many field research programs in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic, providing technical support and participating as a field assistant in areas as diverse as glaciology, oceanography, penguin and sea-bird research, seal and krill biology, and whale observations and acoustics.


He has an interest in and knowledge of birds which stems not only from these many trips to Antarctica but also a period in the Okavango Delta, Botswana where he worked as a camp assistant and guide at a number of safari lodges, and two seasons as a guide and lecturer in the high Arctic. A love of travelling and adventure has seen him visit over 50 countries and all seven continents.

This is Snowy’s 10th season as a naturalist and Zodiac driver on tourist voyages in the polar regions. In that time he has visited much of east Antarctica, the Antarctic peninsula, the Falklands, South Georgia, Heard Is. and many other sub-Antarctic islands, as well as Iceland, the Svalbard archipelago and Greenland in the north.