Jenny Johannsen

Video Crew

A keen diver for almost 30 years, Jenny’s interests in photography, nature, scuba and the environment – along with her love of exploration - have taken her around the globe in both professional and personal capacities. 

Jenny has contributed to both small and large film projects in a writing directing producing and crewing capacity. With an arts dip in Writing and editing she took on more and more independent projects wherever she could. The feather in Jenny’s film career cap was her role as the writer for 3D feature documentary, ‘Megashark’ . The film followed a group of explorers searching for the Megalodon  – a 98ft prehistoric shark with the question over its extinction shrouded in mystery.

Qualified as a master scuba diver and skilful nurse for over 30 years, specializing in hyperbaric medicine, Jenny has been able to combine her love for the ocean and desire to help others. She is currently working with her partner to establish swim schools in Vietnam where the drowning rates of children are the highest in the world. Jenny is also writing a book on growing up in North Queensland where she learnt to swim before she could walk.

Jenny lives and works in Melbourne, Australia; juggling a lifestyle of writing, travel, photography and keeping up with her three adult children who all appear to display the same creative and adventurous streak.