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Ocean Geographic encourages deeper appreciation of the beauty and the fragility of our ocean with the use of enthralling imageries and passionate essays. The editorial board is an ensemble of ocean luminaries - David Doubilet, Stan Waterman, Wyland, Emory Kristof, Doug Perrrine, Carden Wallace, Michael AW, Gerry Allen Alex Mustard, Laurent Ballesta, Howard and Michelle Hall. Ocean Geographic endeavours to inspire change with greater awareness of the urgency to conserve and preserve our natural world both above and below.

Gold Sponsor

Ready, Set, Dive. It’s that simple. Wether you are an explorer seeking the unknown, a scientist looking for truth or an adventurer living the dream, we’re right there with you. We wake up everyday thinking about how to make the dive better. Then we get to work. At Oceanic our designers and engineers value real solutions over gimmicks, working constantly to integrate unique and innovative technology into our trusted dive gear. We’ve been doing this for 41 years and we don’t know how to do anything else. Ready, Set, Dive. Oceanic.

Equipment Supporters

The combination of elegance, innovation and precision, present a new dimension in the symbiosis of state-of-the-art underwater housings and digital single lens reflex cameras. Electronic and mechanic perfection of the highest level is perfectly combined with timeless, modern and ergonomic shapes. SEACAM can therefore fulfil the wishes of dedicated hobby photographers as well as those of discerning professional photographers and guarantee superior technology and highest long term value."


The Santi legend emerged from passion, engagement, consequence and methodology. All Santi products were and are created by divers and for divers, thinking about their needs. Each smallest detail in Santi products has a functional reason and keeps the highest possible quality standards. We never forget about design, research and development. Santi brand is a warranty of highest quality and safety for those who want to go further in their diving experience, who seek best protection and functionality. Divers all over the word,  appreciate all Santi features and experience which was involved in development of products which the best divers use today.

Santi is an international company producing diving equipment with distribution structure in 11 countries and thriving direct dealers network. Our brand works around the globe, wherever you can dive and where divers buy their equipment, from Mexico to Egypt, from Australia to China. Aside from the drysuits, the best diving undersuits, hoods and after dive clothing collection are being produced. At Santi we offer a wide range of complementary items for divers : innovative underwater heating systems, flashlights, valves, gloves and thermal underwear. For the last couple of years Santi supplied the market with few thousand drysuits and several thousand undersuits. The company gained high position among the biggest providers of the technical diving drysuits in the world. Santi is a confirmation of the rule that the best way for a company development is to connect passion and business.


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