Rebecca Ziegler

Science Team

Rebecca was born and raised in Southern California. She began diving in 2008 with her dad. In 2011, Rebecca took off to college at the University of Hawaii at Hilo for four years studying Marine Science and Communication. Outside of her studies, Rebecca worked as an Outdoor Ed-Venture Guide, student research assistant, PADI Dive Master, and was on-call for sea turtle standings. Rebecca’s thesis project for her Bachelor’s in Marine Science looked at aragonite saturation at a popular dive site on the southwest end of the Big Island. Comparing varying depths she determined if saturation levels changed with depth (they didn’t), what could have caused that (tidal influx in the cove), and how the reef would fair with ocean acidification (out look- not good).

In 2016, Rebecca received the first full-ride ($18,000) scholarship from the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences to attend the International Diving Institute for their ADCI approved surfaced supplied commercial diving course. Currently Rebecca works for The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL, as a Water Sciences Dive Technician. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys exploring nature with her camera in hand, kayaking, diving, and sailing. 
Rebecca is a member of the Explorer’s Club (MN ’15) and a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (’17). This will be her first expedition and she is excited to be part of an amazing and diverse team of scientists, artists, and photographers.