Mary Sayre

Contributing Artist

Mary Sayre never missed an episode of Jacques Cousteau as a child and her love of painting the ocean creatures seen on his show began when she was 10 years old. Soon after her family visited the Gulf of Mexico and every bit of it thrilled her, the wind in her face, the taste of salt in the water, she was hooked on it all.

Pursuing her artistic passion, she studied illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. Eventually her love of the ocean swept her away to live on the island of Port Aransas, Tx. in the Gulf of Mexico. She studied reefs and fishes and would RSVP “yes” to any invitations for diving explorations, travel to exotic locations and new adventures.

Combining her creative abilities and enthusiasm for the ocean Mary painted her travels and diving experiences, documenting her combined fascination for art, scuba diving and marine ecosystems. Mary paints the beautiful world found above and below the waves. Her current mediums include oils on canvas and acrylics on natural marble. This innovative, original art form utilizes the natural veining and color of the marble to create depth and the images. Mary enjoys finding the marble suitable for her paintings and bringing her visions to life like images. Her works are collected locally and internationally.

A diver and sailor, Mary has visited a list of amazing places and some of her favorites include Bonaire, Mexico, Belize, Florida and the Bahamas. Having witnessed the changes in our reefs and waters first hand, conserving and protection our fragile marine environment is vital to Mary. As a proud member of the Ocean Artist Society and artist for the Ocean Geographic Society, Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle expedition, Mary hopes to foster awareness to our connection to the sea by sharing the beautiful marine images in her paintings.