Jayne Jenkins

Contributing Photographer 

Born and raised in Wales, Jayne Jenkins learned to dive in the chilly waters along the rugged Welsh coastline before moving to Australia in 1973. An avid diver and distinguished underwater photographer, Jayne is actively involved in many facets of the diving industry and has been for over three decades.

Above and beyond this, it is Jayne's passion and skill for underwater photography for which she is known best. She has won many awards for her photography and remains a regular editorial contributor to Scuba Diving Magazine and Ocean Geographic. With a love for many of the ocean's most threatened inhabitants such as sharks, whales and seahorses, Jayne hopes her images will help to raise funding and awareness to protect these creatures for future generations.

Jayne has always been a generous member of the diving industry and currently devotes much of her time to the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) - a scholarship sponsored by Rolex for young underwater enthusiasts. As Vice President Australasia and Board of Director member of the OWUSS for the past ten years, Jayne has been an invaluable mentor to a lucky handful of scholars and has played a significant part in their lives.

Jayne is currently resident photographer /consultant with The Ocean Agency (former XL Catlin Seaview survey). This is fast becoming a game changing creative scientific project. Using specially designed technology, the Catlin Seaview Survey recorded to reveal the world's oceans and reefs like never before, in high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic vision. This independent, baseline, scientific study of the world's oceans will enable the global public to see change over time and start planning for the future (www.catlinseaviewsurvey.com).

Jayne is also a team member and provided the majority of images the Underwater Sydney website (www.underwatersydney.org).

To be involved in such significant work gives Jayne much pleasure and she believes combining science and creativity is key to helping protect the oceans. Still averaging over 300 dives per year, Jayne's drive and enthusiasm for the ocean is admirable and has inspired countless individuals to take up diving and to appreciate the oceans.

Jayne is also a member of the prestigious Woman Divers Hall of Fame and a Fellow of The Explorers Club.