Dr Gerry Allen

Pricipal Scientist

Gerry Allen is an international authority on the classification and ecology of coral reef fishes. His expertise also encompasses freshwater fishes of the Australia-New Guinea region. The author of 35 books and over 500 scientific publications, Gerry has described 520 new species of fishes. Underwater-based field studies form an integral part of his research with various expeditions to all the world’s tropical seas. Gerry is also an avid underwater photographer, using his photographs to illustrate scientific and popular publications, most recently a three-volume monograph, Reef Fishes of the East Indies.

After receiving a PhD and having worked as the Curator of Fishes at the WA Museum, Gerry migrated to Australia. He now spends most of his time researching coral reef fishes in his home laboratory and conducting marine biological surveys in Southeast Asia for Conservation International. He is the recipient of several awards for lifetime contributions to the knowledge of fish biology including the K. Radway Allen Award (Australia), Bleeker Award (Indo-Pacific Fish Society) and Joseph Nelson Award (American Society of Ichthyology and Herpetology).