Jacqueline Lam

Scientific Team

Jacqueline Lam has worked in sustainable development for the past decade and is actively developing projects in the region for green growth. Born and bred in Singapore and armed with a postgraduate degree in Development Economics from the University of New South Wales, Jacqueline has dedicated her efforts towards policy advocacy and advisory for sustainable development.
An avid diver for over 10 years, Jacqueline has led undergraduate marine conservation projects and helped to spearhead cross-university collaborations in Singapore for coral reef conservation awareness. The Reef Alert project in 2004 brought together the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University in removal of marine debris, crown of thorns and a visual catalogue of the impact of human consumption on marine life, which was displayed on the respective campuses. In recent years, she participates in community level marine conservation projects including data collection for whale shark conservation research and actively promotes environmental management practices.
Currently based in the Philippines, Jacqueline continues to lobby for environmental management and sustainable growth in various regional development projects. While she frequently exercises the courage to change things that she can to improve the environment, her daily yoga practice helps grant the serenity to accept the things that an individual cannot change alone. During her free time, she goes underwater and marvels at the beauty of coral reefs, and can often be overheard saying to fellow divers: "Every dive is a cleanup dive!"