Charlotte Young

Science Team

Charlotte is a passionate conservationist and marine scientist with a keen interest in anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment. Charlotte holds a BSc (Hons) in Conservation Biology from Bristol, UWE and is currently finishing her MSc (Research) investigating carbon exchange in tropical coral reef systems at the University of Glasgow.

For the past three years, Charlotte has worked extensively on the issue of marine plastic pollution, leading independent research on microplastics in the marine environment both in the U.K and abroad. Alongside this, for the past year she has worked on climate change in tropical coral reef systems, gaining a plethora of knowledge on the threats and challenges these precious ecosystems face.

Charlotte is a passionate science communicator who believes strongly in making science accessible to all. From video blogs in the field, to public presentations, Charlotte enjoys utilising creative tools to raise awareness for environmental issues and conservation efforts. Of her most recent work, Charlotte launched an awareness campaign on social media to bring attention to the most abundant form of plastic pollution in the marine environment, microfibres. Her campaign gained substantial interest and featured in a national newspaper, leading to her named one of Glasgow’s Universities Future World Changers 2018/19.

In her spare time, Charlotte is a keen amateur photographer who spends as much time as possible outdoors, traveling and by the sea. A keen diver Charlotte has had the pleasure of diving in many places around the world, most recently the Great Barrier Reef. Although originally from Wales, Charlotte grew up in Spain and has since lived in three different countries including Java and Australia.

Charlotte’s role on the expedition will be to lead and coordinate sampling for microplastics in surface waters throughout the Coral Triangle, in open-ocean and coral reef habitats.