SAM Shu Qin

Sam’s first encounter with great white sharks during her summer internship has propelled her interest in pursuing a career in marine science. After stumbling into a team of coral scientists, Sam has since been actively involved in restoring coral reefs in Singapore’s highly urbanized marine environment and regions in Southeast Asia. Spending a lot of time underwater also gave Sam the ‘privilege’ to experience first-hand impacts of human destruction – marine debris. With the main intention to raise awareness about marine debris, Sam co-founded a non-profit initiative “Our Singapore Reefs” to connect like-minded marine enthusiasts through diving and outreach programmes. Sam is also an aspiring science communicator and currently exploring creative ways to expand public knowledge in marine science. Through these efforts, Sam hopes to inspire stewardship among the youths to do their part in environmental conservation. This is Sam’s first expedition and she is currently trying to memorizing all 553 hard coral species in the Raja Ampat archipelago.