Miriam Stein Battles

Photo Editor

Miriam is a photo editor specializing in nature, travel and education. She has worked on magazines, books, marketing materials and websites. Combining her conservation background with her photo professional skills, she has worked for nonprofits such as National Geographic Society, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy. She has freelanced extensively for Apple, AARP, photographers such as Frans Lanting and National Geographic Books.

Miriam photo edits nature, travel, culture and educational projects, both researching and selecting photos that best illustrate text ensuring the creation of the most visually dynamic product. She is able to provide business management consulting, photo optimization and retouching services, and photo selection guidance.

Miriam enjoys contributing her time to a variety of initiatives and her own photography has been published nationally and is held in both museum and private collections. She volunteers her skills to Ocean Geographic Magazine and Ocean Geographic Society's missions. She is a member of the American Society of Picture Professionals, North American Nature Photography Association, a founding affiliate to the International League of Conservation Photographers. She is also honored to have been recently named an Explorers Club Fellow.