Day 9 - Daily Log - Gaia Love


Barracudas © Emily Chan

Daily Log - Day 9 - Gaia Love

Date: October 8, 2018

Boat location: Penemu and Yangeffo, Raja Ampat

Dive sites: Melissa's Playground (A26), Citrus Ridge (A24), Microplastics Trawl (MP08)

Weather conditions: Sunny


After traveling for several hours, we arrived in Penemu after breakfast. Divers on board Gaia Love explored Melissa's Playground, which was covered in diverse types of hard corals. The visibility was very good, enabling us to watch the schools of fish and other creatures with glee. The currents ranged from mild to moderate to strong to mild again. A blacktip shark swam by during the safety stop. We resurfaced at 11AM to give way to another group.

Melissa's Garden © Yew Kuan

Melissa's Garden © Cassandra Dragon

After lunch, we commenced our journey to Yangeffo, so there was no time for a mid-day dive. In Yangeffo, we went in Citrus Ridge. During the pre-dive briefing, we were told that we would see a lot of orange corals. We were in for a treat: in addition to orange corals, one group spotted a wobbegong - the first one for the entire trip! There was also a walking shark wedged under a coral, a leaf scorpionfish, a school of barracudas, hawksbill turtle, and sea krait.

A Microplastics Trawl was done after dive 2, but no analysis just yet. 

The night dive was cancelled due to strong currents. We began traveling to our next site immediately after the cancellation.

Tomorrow, we're aiming for four dives.

Citrus Ridge © Emily Chan