Day 9 - Daily Log - Damai II


Crown-of-thorns sea stars spotted at the bay. © Jayne Jenkins

Daily log – Day 9 DAMAI II

Date: 8 October 2018

Boat location(s): Farondi

Dive sites: Blue Hole, Two Trees, Three Sisters, Wag Mag Bay (Night dive)

Weather conditions: Sunny and smooth waves (0.1 – 0.5 m high)

General notes:

At Blue Hole, the team slowly faded away as silhouettes against the waters as we swim through the cave. As we exited the hole, we were pleasantly surprised by the vibrant reefscape at the other side! Sam, Emry, Joshua and Renato spent some time on the transects as the others went around hunting for their best footages.

The mysterious Blue Hole. © Tracey Jennings

We descended into a huge pinnacle at our second dive at Two Trees. The team was rewarded with a feeding frenzy of the jacks hunting the baitfish. We even managed to spot a huge wobbegong shark resting in its cave!

The wobbegong shark was so well camouflaged! © Emry Oxford

“It’s medium currents!” exclaimed Irene. With almost an unanimous vote (except Renato!), the team chose to head into the currents at Three Sisters and crossing our fingers that we will meet the giants upon descend. And we did! We saw a couple of bumphead parrot fish, giant groupers and even a giant clam! We even found so many different nudibranchs too! Renato and Joshua hid behind the currents and teamed up for another fish survey.

Stonefish with such pretty colors! © Sarah-Jo Lobwein

The team launched the CCROV at a back reef of Three Sisters. Albeit challenging conditions (strong currents and poor visibility!), we successfully sent the CCROV down to 90m in a bluewater dive.

CCROV in action! © Jayne Jenkins

The rest of the day was spent with Sabrina hunting the team down for interviews footages. Lastly, the team called it a day after a bonfire dive. The team even saw crown-of-thorns sea stars at the bay (we have not seen any on the reefs so far)! We are headed to Batanta with another crossing through the night.

Look at the ridges of the Pachyseris coral! © Deon Viljoen

Heart of the (Acropora) coral © Emry Oxford

Wobbegong shark shots before (right; Sam the scientist) and after (left; Emry the photographer) photoshop! © Sam Shu Qin

Sabrina’s interviewing the team on their experiences on ‘sciencing’! © Sam Shu Qin