Day 8 - Mola Mola Team


Photo by Levente Rozsahegyi

Day 8 -Daily Log - Mola Mola Team

Date: October 8, 2018

Boat location: Wayag

Dive sites: Wayag (0730), Pelagic Rock (1030), Figure 8 (1500), Two Hump Rock (1930)

Weather conditions: Strong winds, current

Very strong current today on most of our dives, what a ride! The group decided to ascend after 35 minutes on the second dive, the current was so intense. We did have amazing visitors right by the boat today while docked, four reef sharks came by to check us out. They circled a couple of times and the team tried to get some footage of the curious visitors. Coral and fish teams went for their surveys a little later, which yielded quiet results at the selected depth, although there was bountiful marine life at depth. For sunset, the team went on a little jaunt to the beach and did a little rock climbing before setting off for our night dive. Time sure passes quickly when you're having a blast!

Photo by Aaron Halstead

Photo by Aaron Halstead