Day 9 - Mola Mola Team


Photo by Aaron Halstead

Day 9 -Daily Log - Mola Mola Team

Date: October 9, 2018

Boat location: Waigeo

Dive sites: Citrus Ridge (0730), Mayhem Reef (1100), Arborek (1500), Arborek (1930)

Weather conditions: Sunny, clear skies

Amazing diving at the Aerborek Jetty, teeming with marine life here so we did our afternoon and night dives at the same spot. There were electric clams, heaps of crabs and schooling bat fish. We also paid a little visit to the Arborek village before sundown, and met with the local dive shop owner and some of the locals in the village. Our drone team managed some specular sunset over-under shots by the jetty, another great day of diving and exploring for Team Mola Mola.

Photo by Andreas Jaschek

Photo by Aaron Halstead