Day 10 - Mola Mola Team


Coral UV Photo by Aaron Halstead

Day 10 -Daily Log - Mola Mola Team

Date: October 10, 2018

Boat location: Dampier

Dive sites: Sauwenderek Jetty (0730), Cape Kri (1100)

Weather conditions: Sunny, clear skies

Our last day on the boat, we're all determined to make this a memorable evening! The team cleaned out the alcohol supply on the boat, all the beer, gin and whisky. We had to buy an additional supply from a friendly neighbour too (thanks Gaia)! Oh and we did some diving, on our way back south at Sauwenderek Jetty and Cape Kri. Sweetlips galore, and turtles all around. Bid our farewells to a couple of the pontohi pygmies and on our way back to dock in Sorong tonight. Until next time, Raja Ampat!


Photo by Andreas Jaschek