D Day - 2


D-Day 2 to the 3rd Elysium Epic expedition. The first team members have started arriving in Jakarta.  When the team T-shirts are handed out, you know it is about to begin. The behind the scenes prep is still going on in earnest to ensure that everything is in place before the teams fly out from Jakarta close to midnight on 29th to get to their boats for departure on the 30th Sept.   

D Day - 3



D-Day 3 to the 3rd Elysium Epic expedition. Though the first expedition was in 2010 to Antarctic, the idea was born in a bar over drinks with Jennifer Hayes, David Doubilet, Ernie Brooks in 2008, 10 years ago in Orlando. Our business, our livelihood is of the ocean, We as steward, we have the responsibility to promote and preserve our Home for future Generations. Our current Elysium explorers in expedition strive to create a comprehensive and compelling artistic portrait of heartland of the Coral Triangle, and document its current ecological status scientifically. We aim to raise awareness of the plight of this crucial region to the attention of the world, inspire action to fight climate change, yield vital baseline data for measuring the future effects on the Coral Triangle comprising of a magnificent collection of sights, sounds, and information to be treasured by future generations.

D Day - 4 update



D Day - 4: Four days to until D Day. A team of 48 selected members from 14 nations will meet in Jakarta for the staging briefing of another Elysium Epic expedition - the most important expedition to the Heartland of coral reefs - the team will document what's left of our future in the bulls-eye of marine biodiversity.

Meet Charlotte Young



Introducing Charlotte Young one of our young scientists of the Elysium Team. A passionate advocate for our oceans, she has been selected as a key team member of Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle Expedition heading up the plastic team. Her enthusiam and thorough preparation for the expedition has been exceptional. Putting together the MicroPlastic Protocol and coordinating the procurement of equipment required she will oversee the plastic team on each of the 3 vessels.  With a briefing meeting amongst Team members on 29th before departure everything should be in place and we can't wait to see the results start coming in as the expedition progresses