D Day - 5 update




D Day - 5: to the 3rd Elysium Epic expedition - this time with 48 expedition members on a mission to the Heart of the Coral Triangle; the first Elysium was in 2010 to Antarctic following the footsteps of Shackleton, then in 2015, it was the Elysium Artists for the Arctic inspired by the life of the last explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins...a great video summary of the project was done to celebrate this new adventure. Follow us from 28 Sep to 13 Oct here at www.ElysiumEpic.org

D Day - 6 update


--Acropora-coral-meadow-Raja-Ampat-Indonesia-by-Michael-AW AW54398

D Day - 6: the Raja Ampat environ is our world's richest marine biological province - more species of fishes and corals than anywhere else on our planet. But 14 climate scientists predicted climate departure for the region in 2020 - when abnormal high temperature become normal. There may be mass bleaching events; We will lose many species. From 29 Sep, 48 artists, cinematographers, scientists - members of the Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle will embark on an expedition to document the diversity and biomass of the region - a report card, a stock check of what we have now before we lose them to climate change.

D Day - 7 update


D Day - 7: to the Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle exedition. During our mission, artists, cinematographers, photographers and scientists will conduct blue and black water dives using state of the art equipment from SEACAM, CCROV, ScubaLamp and Nikon. Look out for our satellite updates from 29 Sep to 13 Oct.

D Day - 8 update


D Day - 7: Today we revealed the official pin and badge of the Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle expedition. It features an Andy Warhol inspired Pygmy seahorse design representing the colours and diversity of Raja Ampat. All 50 expedition members will receive this special pin but only 10 people will be lucky enough to own the entire collection having participated in all 3 Elysium expeditions .