51 Days Until Elysium

There are only 51 days left until we begin our Elysium Epic expedition to the Arctic, and we're getting excited! To make the countdown a little more interesting, we decided to feature some of our amazing team members on the blog and there is no better person to start with than the one and only, Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia Earle. Sylvia Earle is a name of many achievements. It is a name that is synonymous with “Her Deepness”, “the Living Legend” and “the First Hero for the Planet”, to name a few. But as humble as she is heroic, she is not one to be preoccupied with material wealth or apparent fame. Coined as the true ambassador of our world’s oceans, Sylvia is an oceanographer, explorer, author and a lecturer with an insatiable passion for underwater exploration and marine conservation. As of today, she has already led more than 70 expeditions worldwide and logged more than 7,000 hours underwater. Adding to her list of accomplishments, Sylvia has authored more than 150 publications including Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans and Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas, and currently holds the record for a solo dive to an astonishing depth of 1,005 metres into the deep blue. This incredible human is the leader of our Elysium science team, and we couldn't be happier to have her on board. 


Elysium Artists for the Arctic Expedition is now carbon neutral

carbon-neutral AWM3226

With the support of Howard Shaw & ElysiumEpic RallyUp supporters, it is now possible for us to offset carbon emission from our expedition across the high Arctic. After review of several climate friendly projects, we now narrow down to two. Our criteria is simple - the project must yield measureable result. We now like you to help us pick one.

1: Balikesir Wind Project

The Balikesir Wind Project is located in North Western Turkey. It is strategically located to take advantage of the long, windy coastline. The project generates around 430,000 MWh per year with its 52 wind turbines. This renewable energy helps supply power to a country where demand for electricity is steadily increasing.

Beyond the obvious benefits, the project also supplies jobs and contributes to the region's infrastructure. The project developer has supported schools in local villages through refurbishments and school equipment (such as schoolbags and stationery), and a water pump has been provided to one of the nearby villages (Karakaya), so local people have ready access to water.

  • 20 permanent jobs created
  • Restored 3 village schools
  • Provided schoolbags and stationery to 6 schools
  • Construction of the new roads enabling local people to reach the main road and  nearby villages
  • Provided a water pump to one village so that local people could access drinking water


 2: Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project

The project is unique as it is made up of 95 small individual power plants which use the flow of rivers to generate clean electricity. The hydropower plants are spread across four provinces, in some of the most disadvantaged and least developed areas of China.  67 of them are located in Chongqing Municipality, 9 in Yunnan Province, 13 in Sichuan Province and 6 in Guizhou Province. Many of the projects are located in remote mountain regions, isolated from the rest of China. 

The plants are all small-scale, ranging in size from 0.1 to 10 MW capacity. They all use a ‘run-of-river’ design, which means they are able to utilise the power of the rivers with no significant environmental or social impacts. The plants supply renewable electricity to the Southern and Central China Power Grids, which are heavily reliant on power from burning coal. This project helps meet China’s growing demand for power with clean, renewable energy. 

  • Leads to sustainable investment in a remote and undeveloped region
  • Employment opportunities in construction and operation, development of local skills
  • Increased economic stability due to improved electricity availability and infrastructure improvements
  • Run-of-river stations maintain river flow
  • A local library has been created for children with books bought or donated by the project. 
  • Two education courses for children were held in Shifen and Lushan Village Primary Schools. 270 students participated in the course, and books, stationary and instruments were donated.
  • The project has created such resonance and success in many of the villages that a local NGO (Roots and Shoots) has joined the programme and contributed to expand the free library with more books and education material for the local children.
  • With the help of local NGOs, the project aimed at raising the ‘sustainability literacy’ of local villagers, teaching them about the advantages of renewable electricity, sustainable farming practices and best irrigation techniques. Multiple lectures in several villages were organised to respond to the high demand from more than 250 people in each village.
  • The project aims to implement a future initiative providing a number of villages with school buses to enable children in remote areas to go to school
  • YouTube video -


To view the project Validation Report - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12839293/Validation%20Reports.zip

Kindly pick your choice at : http://poll.fm/5ayvt

Once again thank you for being part of Elysium Artists for the Arctic project

All the Very Best

Michael AW





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