Winner of the E-Generation Challenge

CDL Sustainability - E-Generation Challenge Competition

City Developments Limited was proud to announce the winners of this year's E-Generation Challenge.

Anna Oposa & Sam Shu Qin

This annual competition was open to all Singaporeans, PRs and ASEAN citizens between 18-25 years old for the youth category and 26-35 years old for the young adults category. They sought participants who possessed a strong passion for the environment and had demonstrated abilities as change-makers with at least a 3-year track record in practicing and/or advocating environmental conservation.

2 winners were selected to join the Elysium - Heart of the Coral Triangle expedition as part of the Elysium team.

Anna Oposa from Philippines and Sam Shu Qin from Singapore were both selected for their outstanding applications and their passion for environmental advocacy.

To enter the competition participants were asked to enter a 3,000-word essay on solutions on either of the following themes:

       o Coral reef conservation in Singapore and the Region

       o Reduction in plastic waste by individuals and organisations

They also had to include a comprehensive publicity and social media plan on if selected as a winner how they would share their experience after the expedition to a larger community and provide an estimated outreach.

10 Finalists were selected to conduct a presentation in front of a judging panel of experts in their relevant fields.

To find out more about E-Generation Challenge head to