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Janel Kok

VP of Communications & Steering Committee Ambassador

Janel has more than 20 years of experience at renowned Communication Agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis, BBH. She has consulted for International Blue Chip and Local brands in Corporate, FMCG, Service, Tech industries in both Singapore and China markets; leading businesses in local, regional, and global capacities. In her career, she has achieved a few notable creative and effectiveness awards on the brands and projects she delivered – on Nike, DHL, Sprite, and other design awards. Her last role was Managing Partner of BBH China, setting up both the Design Division (Blacksheep Design) and the internal production division (LiVE) for the Agency.

When it comes to all things water-related – Janel assumes the role of Protector of the Ocean since her undergraduate days as a scuba diver. She is a PADI certified Master Scuba Diver Instructor and VP of Communications at Ocean Geographic Society. She is currently building the Ocean Geographic brand in China and spearheading a few other Blue-Green sustainability-led initiatives.

Janel is also a budding underwater photographer, a sake sommelier in training, and a designer-founder of a modern qipao label – PurpleCloud. Janel was born in Canada, grew up in Singapore, and is currently residing in Shanghai, China. Janel speaks English, Chinese, and some French.