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Alison Bishop Sanders

Steering Committee Ambassador

Alison leads BCG’s Center for Sensing & Mining the Future, which tracks more than 100 megatrends that cut across the latest technological developments, demographic shifts, economic requirements, and consumer shifts—and helps clients find the next areas of growth. Alison has supported the center since 2005; from 1997 to 2005 Alison served as globalization topic advisor to BCG. Alison brings more than 20 years of experience working with senior management teams on complex global issues. Alison has designed significant growth strategies for clients across many sectors and has used megatrends to help clients set their long-term visions and find the next billion dollars of revenue. Prior to joining BCG, Alison served as president of Cambridge Transnational Associates, Inc. (CTA), a global consulting firm that provides comprehensive advice to companies and institutions expanding across borders. Alison also worked for two years in global and private finance at Goldman Sachs & Co. Alison has worked in or traveled to more than 93 countries. Alison was included in the June 2001 edition of the Harvard Business Review and co-authored a study on the impact of the Asian crisis for the World Economic Forum and Harvard Institute for International Development. Alison is a frequent speaker on global trends at events such as Harvard Business School presentations, the Consumer Electronics Show, and Robobusiness.