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Elisabetta Maccari


Elisabetta is co-owner of the LIGHT and MOVE B.V. underwater photography/videography company, based on Bonaire Island in the Dutch Caribbean. 

Although she loves living on Bonaire, she says “Home is not a place… it is a feeling.” Like a gipsy, she feels at home wherever she goes. She was born in Italy, where she developed her love of the mountains, the snow and skiing. She also loves the summer and has a passion for the sea, which is why she began SCUBA diving and has been a PADI Master Instructor since 1999. Since then, she has lived in Germany, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, the Canary Islands, the Seychelles and Mauritius. 

She has been working with her life partner, Lorenzo Mittiga, for 17 years. Her love of nature and animals informs her work when assisting him during photography/videography productions for conservation projects. These have included coral restoration, invasive lionfish eradication, mangrove restoration and flamingo rehabilitation. After 20 years of practicing yoga, in 2012 she qualified as a Yoga teacher. Every day she discovers more analogies with SCUBA diving: the same exploration of depth, the same attention to detail, the same lightness and magic.