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Jenny E. Ross

Principal Photographer

Jenny E. Ross is an award-winning photographer and writer specializing in wildlife natural history, ecosystems, conservation subjects, environmental issues, and related cultural and policy topics. She has traveled extensively world-wide, striving to create unusual photographs that capture the essence of wild animals and wild places, explain scientific research to non-scientists, inspire concern and action for wildlife conservation and ecosystem protection, and elicit a renewed appreciation of the natural world. Her photographs of wildlife and ecosystems, often accompanied by her essays on natural history and conservation, have been displayed to acclaim in many solo exhibitions, and have been published widely throughout the world in books, magazines, and newspapers. She often collaborates with renowned scientists, and is highly respected for her ability to create compelling exhibits, editorial work, and lecture/slideshow presentations that combine stunning photographs with scientifically accurate and engaging information. She is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Jenny’s educational background at Stanford University and Harvard Law School included philosophy of science, biology, environmental studies, law, and public policy. She has worked throughout the circumpolar Arctic on a variety of wildlife and ecosystem conservation issues, including many related to climate change. She has just completed work on an assignment in Greenland concerning the effects of climate change on wildlife, ecosystems, and indigenous people there, which will be the basis of a television documentary as well as an exhibition to be presented in Copenhagen during the December 2009 UN Climate Change Summit. Jenny’s honors include the 2008 Nature’s Best Award for Wildlife Photography and the 2007 Philip Hyde Award for Environmental Photography.