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Leandro Blanco

Principal Film Crew

Born in Spain, Leandro is the most celebrated underwater music video maker in the world. In the year 2002, for the first time in the history of the World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Antibes, the judges awarded him a honorary award for his three videos “Ocean chronicles” “Shame on you” and “With the flow” for his creative expression and his commitment to the protection of the environment. In 2004 he was named Diver of the year i n the United States at BTS (Beneath the Sea) in New York for his contribution to the art of film and in 2007 Greenpeace acknowledged Leandro Blanco the “Oceans Award” for his film “One for All”. The same film also won the “Celebrate the Sea 2007” Rolex Award of Excellence” for short documentary. Leandro’s passion for nature had already taken him all over the world. He had also written several pieces of music celebrating the beauty of the Amazon jungle and the vast desserts of Africa. His first short documentary got him first prize at the London film festival, and by 1990 he had already won several mayor awards, including “VIDEO FILM MAKER OF THE YEAR” BY THE BBC WILD LIFE MAGAZINE, for his documentary skills for his video There’s a place. In 1990 he made his first underwater documentary, which he wrote, narrated, edited, performed and wrote all the music. Leandro has received over 50 international awards for his documentaries, and his music scores have been acclaimed by magazines like BILLBOARD. He is also an honorary member of THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAFIC SOCIETY, for his photography in the video “JUST PASSING BY TOO”. In 1999 he received one of the most important underwater video award at the World Underwater Pictures Festival Antibes for the film “Missing You – a music documentary in memory of Jacque Yves Cousteau. Since then he is the only person that has won this prestigious award in eight consecutive years. He was the co-producer of several documentaries on the Maldives with MICHAEL AW. He has also worked with Michael on the “24 hours beneath a Rainbow Sea” documentary produced for the National Geographic Channel broadcast worldwide.