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OceanNEnvironment is a registered charity with Environment Australia operating throughout the Asia-Pacific realm. The organisation is dedicated to the protection of natural environs through education and meaningful research. The mission of OceanNEnvironment is not only to promote preservation but also to document the status of coral reefs, bio-diversity and the impact of man-made pollution through research programs and educational expeditions.

All of OceanNEnvironment’s projects are result oriented and results measurable. OceanNEnvironment provides lectures and educational material to

schools, private clubs and other non-profit organisations. Honorary Fellows and Associates of OceanNEnvironment include award-winning underwater filmmakers, photographers, marine biologists, researchers and writers dedicated to producing high-quality natural history multi-media works. The organisation’s key activity is the presentation of information about the natural environment in an exciting and thought-provoking manner to motivate people to learn, to love and to help preserve the ocean environment.

OceanNEnvironment is the founder and owner of Celebrate the Sea Festival and the Elysium project.