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Elysium Heart of the Coral Triangle Expedition Route 2018

Sep 29 : All expedition members will meet in Jakarta at an apointed staging hotel before beginning their respective flights to board the expedition vessels. 

Sep 30 to Oct 11: 11 days of exploring and documenting the define region.

Oct 11 to Oct 13: all expedition members convene in Sorong for two days to share information, images, stories and plans.

Route Three: MSY Sea Horse: Cenderawasih Bay to Dampier Strait (Raja Ampat) – Sorong.
Gateway Airport: Nabire* maybe Biak
Principal focus: Whale sharks, signature reefs of Raja Ampat, mantas, birds and rainforest

Route Two MV GAIA LOVE: Triton Bay, Misool, Dampier Strait – Sorong
Gateway Airport: Kaimana
Principal focus: Most colourful soft coral reefs in Indonesia, possible whale sharks, baitballs, mantas, signature reefs of Raja Ampat, birds and rainforest

Route One MSY Damail II : Banda Sea to Misool (Raja Ampat South) – Sorong
Gateway Airport: Saumlaki
Principal focus: Hammerheads, sea snakes, mantas, baitballs, signature reefs of Raja Ampat, birds and rainforest