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The ICY Migration Project Mission Plan

11 July to 12 August 2014

The expedition objective is to create awareness by telling the story of the artic migration in Baffin Bay through stunning images of the unique arctic wildlife such as narwhals, bowhead whales, belugas, polar bears, walruses, muskox, seals and the ice dominated landscape they live in.

We will do that by using innovative photographic techniques and by sailing on a sailing yacht following the ice north as it breaks up from heritage listed glaciers near Disko Bay in Greenland to the high arctic of Canada.

We will explore the hypothesis that the reduced sea ice has provided orcas access to previously safe breeding grounds of the arctic whales.

We will also document the impacts of global warming clearly evidenced in the region, but also tell a story of hope as we attempt to visit conservation areas where efforts have been made to preserve the unique arctic wildlife.