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The ICY Migration Project Expedition Platform

11 July to 12 August 2014

Crushing ice floes, icebergs and unchartered coastlines make this a particularly challenging expedition.

Due to the large area and uncertainty in timing and migration routes, flexibility and extended operations are required. Combined with the hostile environment, this expedition calls for a unique vessel and we believe we found it.

We opted not for a big icebreaker but a 52-foot ice reinforced sailing yacht custom designed for sailing the Arctic.

Skippered by the yacht designer, builder and owner with 15 years experience sailing the Arctic, we believe we have the knowledge of the vessel and expedition area needed to make it safe and successful.

Using a smaller vessel also proves the reality of the climate change today. Not so long ago, we would simply have been unable to do the expedition as the sea was covered in ice.

It is equipped for extended expeditions and remote operation.

We will carry a 4.5m Zodiac for photographic operations