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The Expedition Platform

Professor Molchanov (callsign UAKA, Russian: Профессор Молчанов); is a Finnishbuilt Oceanographic Ice-Class Research Vessel now refitted to a comfortable passenger expedition vessel. Manned by skilled Russian crews of 20, she will serve as a stable platform for the Elysium shoot. The vessel has a large bridge and good open-deck viewing areas as well as a full complement of Zodiac landing crafts. The ship has a dining room that also serves as a lecture room, a lounge with bar, sauna, laundry and a medical room with a doctor. The 72 metre, 1753-ton Professor Molchanov was specially built for the Russian Institute of Science in 1982 and used in the USSR between 1983 and 1991 for polar and oceanographic research. As a Soviet research vessel she made 34 research cruises, including three global expeditions held by Murmansk Hydro meteorological Administration.

Facilitator: Waterproof Expeditions

Technical data

Length: 69.7m
Breadth: 12.8m
Draft: 4.5m
GRT: 1753 tons
Engines: 2 Diesel ME, 3120 HP
Ice Class: UL
Speed: 10 knots
Crew: 20 (31)
Registry: Russia