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Bears Ice Glaciers Arctic Climate Expedition Project Brief

You can be a catalyst for change – A Changemaker.

This can be your Legacy. Apply to join BIG ACE. As a member of an elite team, you will have the opportunity to give your expertise and voice to the noble mission of preserving the Arctic Wilderness, to ensure a healthy habitable planet for future generations. Seize this opportunity to make a meaningful difference and be an Ambassador for the Arctic.


23 June to 5 July 2025

THE Ocean Geographic “BIG ACE – the Bears, Ice, Glaciers, Arctic Climate Expedition, June 2025” is a monumental project to celebrate the lifetime achievements of Dr. Sylvia Earle. 2025 is Sylvia’s 90th birthday year. This epic project calls for an assemblage of 110 global citizens on a mission to the Arctic, the frontlines of climate change. Each participant, a change-maker in their own right, contributes their unique expertise for a collective cause by using their SUPERPOWER* to be a VOICE for the imperilled polar bears, walruses, Ivory gulls, puffins, glaciers, and sea ice threatened by climate change. The united narratives aim to draw global attention to the dire circumstances in the high Arctic, with a unified voice – to call for reducing carbon emissions and avert catastrophic consequences. The Arctic, where warming occurs at a rate four to five times greater than the global average, undergoes exponential degradation. The loss of 90% of multi-year sea ice since 1979, thawing permafrost, and melting glaciers are now wreaking havoc on the planet, leading to species extinction, rising sea levels, and diminished quality of life worldwide. BIG ACE serves as the nexus where individuals from all walks of life, spanning age groups, cultures, nationalities, talents, expertise, and genders, converge to witness the Arctic’s breathtaking beauty and fragility. United by passion, beliefs, and knowledge in ocean-related matters, the convergence of these changemakers collaborate to advocate for the conservation and preservation of our shared natural heritage. At the heart of BIG ACE lies a commitment to passionate storytelling in diverse disciplines, harnessing the power of each changemaker’s voice to captivate mass audiences with the wonders of the Arctic wilderness. This literary epic aims to make climate dissertation more accessible and mobilise people of all ages, educational backgrounds, and abilities to protect our planet for future generations. Climate change in the Arctic extends beyond rising sea levels. Thawing permafrost releases greenhouse gases, exacerbating global temperature rises. Diminishing sea ice threatens over 1,000 species of algae, Ivory gulls, puffins, walruses and polar bears, disrupting the food chain. Shifting from snow to rain fundamentally alters Arctic ecosystems, impacting food webs, biodiversity, and food security. These developments affect local communities’ eco-tourism and also the global economy. Guided by experts, the BIG ACE’s changemakers will witness climate change perils in motion during the June 2025 expedition. They will then share their experiences and stories with the global communities. This approach empowers the next generations to take action and encourages informed choices to mitigate climate emergencies. BIG ACE’s narratives aim to eliminate barriers to education and contribute significantly to science and social media communication. The expedition will produce mini-series films, music, fine arts, poems, prose, posters, city exhibitions, reports, lectures, photography, books, and educational materials.

What may be your SUPERPOWER for BIG ACE?

Write a story, write a children’s story, write a reportage, produce a 2 to 5 mins short documentary, produce a fiction film, record a podcast, write a poem, write a Haiku, write a song, sing a song, paint a picture, paint a mural, make a sculpture, make a figurine, shoot a photo story, give a presentation, give a talk, design a poster, perform a dance, start a campaign, lobby for change?




Lobby for full protection of the Arctic from extraction, to foster a collective appreciation of our planet’s fragility and beauty and to promote the conservation and protection of the Arctic Wilderness.

THE HEART OF THE BIG ACE MISSION lies with the participants from diverse backgrounds and expertise converging to advocate for the conservation and protection of our natural resources. Through a blend of first-person narratives and expert insights, the mission amplifies the voices of nature, inspiring a global movement toward environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

Distinct from conventional polar expeditions, BIG ACE stands out in its commitment to accessibility, mobilisation, and inclusivity. By leveraging a variety of multimedia platforms, including films, essays, music, art exhibitions, educational materials, and more, the project endeavours to engage a wide audience, instigating meaningful conversations and spurring action to safeguard the planet for future generations.

Focus: BIG ACE offers firsthand experience and knowledge of the climate crisis to a broader audience, fostering greater mobilization.

Team: This expedition isn’t confined to scientists and researchers; it comprises global citizens from various professional backgrounds, making the narrative and action plans relatable, compelling, and diverse.

Access: The products from BIG ACE aim to speak for the wilderness of the Arctic and engage a wide audience, ensuring accessibility and inspiring action to protect our natural world. This unites humanity in the endeavour to preserve our existence and that of our ocean planet.

Organized by the Ocean Geographic Society of OceanNEnvironment Ltd aboard the MV Sylvia Earle, an expedition ship operated by the carbon-neutral company Aurora Expeditions, BIG ACE pays homage to Dr Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue and Time Magazine’s first Hero of the Planet.


About the Expedition

The route for the BIG ACE High Arctic Odyssey begins from 78°N Longyearbyen, Svalbard, and navigates northward, to go beyond 80°N in pursuit of the remaining Arctic ice shelf. Weather permitting, the journey proceeds eastward towards Kritoya, circling Austfonna, one of the largest glaciers on the planet.

The primary objective of this extraordinary expedition is to encounter and observe a diverse range of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, walruses, puffins, ivory gulls, reindeer, and Arctic foxes, as well as the awe-inspiring sights of sea ice platforms and calving glaciers. Notably, Svalbard is home to an astounding 2100 glaciers, contributing to an unparalleled natural spectacle.

Throughout this remarkable voyage, the expedition team will witness firsthand the impact of the climate crisis in the high Arctic environment, with invaluable insights provided by seasoned naturalists and climate science experts.