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Expedition Outcome

1. Resolutions Content:


ACE will take a strategic focus on the role of our ocean in climate actions, resolutions and strategies; with a mission to get to Net Zero by 2035.There is also an intention to spotlight the slow crippling of our ocean’s ability to contribute to fundamentally important services for life on Planet; yet our ocean remains such powerful and integral source in climate mitigation, food source and livelihood. This is designed to bring more understanding of climate impact beyond terrestrial sources of emissions and sinks, so that we are better equipped to confront the true intensity of the challenge we face globally.

The ambassadors aim to formulate 23 resolutions during the Expedition and these will be developed into strategies that will be effected through a top-down and bottom-up action plan, to be championed through their communities, corporates, organizations, and government capacities far beyond the Expedition to meet the mission goals and objective. Key outputs of ACE will also include a feature documentary, exhibitions in key cities, expedition reports, lectures, a photographic index, books, and education materials.

After eight pre-expedition meetings and five sessions during the February 2023 expedition in the Antarctic, the ACE (Antarctic Climate expedition) Ambassadors from 20 countries formulated a set of resolutions marked for a top-down and bottom-up approach, to be championed through communities, corporates, organizations, and government capacities to drive Global Net-Zero from an ocean perspective by 2035.

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2. The Antarctic Climate Expedition Exhibition

City Developments Limited (CDL), the National Parks Board (NParks) and Ocean Geographic (OG) launched the third edition of the Climate Action Exhibition series, themed “Melting Ice, Sinking Cities: An Urgency to Change the Present and Save Humanity”. Held at the refreshed CDL Green Gallery, Singapore’s first net-zero gallery located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the exhibition will run from 23 June 2023 till March 2024, in support of global and national climate action. Visitors are invited on a journey to the Antarctic, where climate change, rising temperatures and melting glaciers threaten the well-being of life across the globe. It also highlights Singapore’s commitment to preserving our rich marine biodiversity and coastal resilience. By showcasing the interconnectedness of climate change and the health of our ocean, people, and the planet, CDL, NParks and OG aim to raise awareness and inspire action for positive change. Jay please hyperlink here:Click here to enjoy a virtual tour and experience of the Exhibition.

3. ACE Expedition Report

This report outlines the Project outline, Mission, Achievements, Observations, Reports from the Expedition as we as a detailed Expedition Log. Read the report here.