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ACE 2023


Antarctic Climate Expedition 2023

Antarctic Climate Expedition Feb 2023

Experience the magical land and seascapes of the Antarctic, the last pristine wilderness of glaciers, penguins, seals, sea birds and icebergs. In the company of Dr Sylvia Earle and her special guests. 

Be part of this pivotal Antarctic summit to save our environment for future generations.

Call for Applications

“February 2023 will be a moment in time of a gathering of great minds for commitments to resolve what it takes, to move from where we are now to get to a better future. This can be Your Legacy; you can help change the current course from a catastrophic outcome to a healthy, habitable planet. Please do this for the next generation, for the future of humanity.”
Dr. Sylvia Earle
oceanographer, marine biologist and explorer

About the Expedition

Ocean Geographic, Aurora Expeditions and Mission Blue invite thought leaders in the fields of science, art, education, and economics, alongside inquisitive teenagers and corporate executives, to participate in an expedition to Antarctica with Dr Sylvia Earle. The principal expedition team for this most important climate summit will be comprised of conservationists, celebrities, and ocean luminaries.

The master plan of the Antarctic Climate Expedition is to bring about public and government awareness of the importance and the splendour of the Antarctic, and to address the warming climate and loss of ice in the southern polar region as a direct threat to the future of human life on this planet. The purpose of this expedition is to confront the consequences and develop creative strategies for everyone to radically reduce carbon emissions.

As such, the expedition team of ACE represents the voices of everyone across our planet; we are looking for diversity in age, gender, nationalities, culture, skills, and professions. Expedition members will help formulate 23 resolutions to inspire transformative changes for global net-zero emissions by 2050. Each expedition member will contribute pictures, painting, music, prose, poem, essays to the expedition report, book, film, posters, and exhibitions. The narratives and images from this expedition aim to encourage the way people see and understand the Antarctic, enlightenment that will hopefully catalyse a much-needed paradigm shift away from indifference and into action to protect and preserve our natural environment.

You can be part of this pivotal Antarctic summit to save our environment for future generations.

Outcomes of the Expedition

A series of lectures, a feature documentary, exhibitions, a book and importantly, 23 resolutions to stimulate transformative change for net-zero emissions by 2050. 

You can be part of the legacy that helps change the current course from a calamitous state to a healthy, habitable planet. 

The magical land and seascapes of the Antarctic, the last pristine wilderness of glaciers, penguins, seals, sea birds and icebergs. In the company of Dr Sylvia Earle and her special guests. 

Expedition Route

Ushuaia- Drake Passage – Aitcho, Antarctic Peninsula – Hope Bay – Brown Bluff – Enterprise Island – Orne Harbour – Port Lockroy / Jougla Point – Paradise Harbour / Skontorp – Lemaire Channel – Pleneau – Whalers Bay – Robert Point – Frei.

The Antarctic Climate Expedition (ACE)

EXPEDITION SHIP: The Sylvia Earle 

VOYAGE: Antarctica 

EMBARK: Ushuaia, Chile 

DISEMBARK: King George Island

CHARTER FLIGHT: King George Island to Punta Arenas

DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights (9 voyage days, 2-day Ushuaia pre-voyage, 1 day Punta Arenas post-voyage)

START DATE: 13 February 2023 (2 nights in Ushuaia)

EMBARKATION: 15 February 2023 

DISEMBARKATION: 23 February 2023 (flight to Punta Arenas – 1 night hotel, end date 24 February 2023)

Expedition Ship – The Sylvia Earle

The brand-new ship by Aurora Expeditions Australia is named in honour of Dr Sylvia Earle. The purpose-built vessel is designed for expeditions to the most remote places on earth.

Its revolutionary ULSTEIN X-BOW® allows the ship to cross oceans more comfortably and efficiently, and with expansive observation decks. The Sylvia Earle offers the perfect base camp for adventures at the outer limits of human exploration and accommodates an average of 132 expeditioners per voyage within 70 comfortable cabins. The ship also features a modern lecture lounge, a science centre, multiple observation areas, Zodiac launching platforms, a restaurant serving exquisite meals, a gym and wellness centre, Jacuzzis, a mudroom and many other amenities.

PRE-EXPEDITION: 13-15 February 2023

STAGING HOTEL: Arakur Usuaia

POST-EXPEDITION: 23-24 February 2023

Cabos de Hornos / Hotel Rey Don Felipe

The Expedition package compromised from;

13 February arrival in Ushuaia until 24 February 2023.

13-14  February at Arakua Ushuaia

15-23 February  on The Sylvia Earle

23 February at Cabo de Hornos or Hotel Rey Don Felipe, Punta Arenas (all twin sharing).

  1. Two-night accommodation with breakfast at Arakuar, Ushuaia
  2. Full-day conference with lunch and coffee on 14 February.
  3. From 14 February evening until 23 February onboard The Sylvia Earle – A la carte meals, coffee, tea and bottled water, landings, lectures, guides.
  4. Airport transfer and meet & greet included.
  5. Flights from King George Island to Punta Arenas on 23 February.
  6. Baggage allowance, 20kg check-in plus one piece of 7kg carry-on. Purchase for additional allowance available.
  7. One night hotel at Hotel Cabo de Hornos or Hotel Rey Don Felipe on 23 Feburary.
  8. Official expedition gear including; expedition jacket, t-shirt, beanie, reference primer and a copy of ACE limited edition book.

About Dr Sylvia Earle

Dr Sylvia Earle, a Rolex Testimonee fondly referred to as Her Deepness, is the recipient of more than 100 national and international honours and awards. These include being named Time Magazine’s first Hero of the Planet, a Living Legend by the Library of Congress in 2014, UNEP Champion of the Earth, Glamour Magazine’s 2014 Woman of the Year, member of the Netherlands Order of the Golden Ark, and winner of 2009 TED Prize, the Walter Cronkite Award, the 1996 Explorers Club Medal, the Royal Geographic Society 2011 Patron’s Medal and the National Geographic 2013 Hubbard Medal.

Sylvia was the first woman to become chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is currently President and Chairperson of Mission Blue and the Sylvia Earle Alliance.

Known as the mother of our world’s oceans, she is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer with an insatiable passion for underwater exploration and marine conservation. Sylvia still currently holds the record for a solo dive to an astonishing depth of 1,005 metres into the deep sea.