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Allison Garcia


I  am an avid traveler, burgeoning photographer and love to explore all aspects of nature and birdwatching, ideally from a kayak.  This is my second trip to Antarctica and I am thrilled to be part of the expedition and look forward to finding ways to help shape future climate action to protect this precious place.  When not reading about history or science, I am the lead user research program manager at Google Research where we explore new frontiers in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  My days are extremely varied where I may start with research and design planning for how traffic light timing algorithms can help reduce idle times and thus emissions, then move on to how I can unblock our research team to help make our products more inclusive for all users.

In previous lives I led patient research and content development and launched 4 new immunotherapy cancer treatments at Genentech, and also led the Lucasfilm Digital Production team focused on, Rebels, Clone Wars and the launch of Episode VII.  

I am currently studying to get my Masters of Science in Project Management at USC and reside in Seattle, WA with my husband and our dog Luna and cat Rocket.