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Andrew Charlton


Andrew Charlton is in his senior year of high school at Dyatmika School in Bali, Indonesia. Breathing from his parents’ octopus, he started scuba diving at 7 years old. The ocean always fascinated him and with the ability to breathe underwater a close connection quickly evolved. At 10 he earned the PADI Junior Open Water certification and at 14 became a Junior Advanced diver. In 2017 he was among the first divers to take coral habitat & identification courses offered by Ocean Gardener, a company with a mission to help people learn & understand coral and its habitats. A passion was ignited and Andrew became active in reef restoration projects in North Sulawesi & Bali, has taken an advanced coral course and delivered coral presentations to other divers. His knowledge of corals and reef restoration is quite extensive due to this, and coral is something that he is very passionate about – along with business, Andrew plans on going to university to further study this unique and vital part of our oceans. (One thing that he hopes for is for more people to know about and appreciate coral reefs and their incredibly important role in not just marine ecosystems but the world as a whole.) Another personal passion is archery – since December of 2020 he has been practicing it at a competitive level.