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Arthur Vaccarino

Scientific Crew

As a young boy in New York, Arthur watched Jacques-Yves Cousteau on television and desperately wanted to join the crew of Calypso. The second he was old enough, Arthur joined the United States Navy to be a sailor, but was never stationed aboard ship. After retiring from the Navy in 1988 he started working in the technology sector, but his love for the sea never faded. Arthur currently works as Chief Technology Officer for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in New York City.

Arthur is a trained technical diver and maintains certifications in rebreather diving, ice diving, and over a dozen complimentary certs. He spends most weekends off the coast of New York and New Jersey, crawling through shipwrecks to feed his passion for underwater exploration. Arthur helped recover the anchor cross member of the RMS Oregon, but now he aims to dive with a higher purpose in mind. By joining Elysium Artists for the Arctic, Arthur intends to make a difference.

Arthur believes climate change can and must be managed. “We have exactly one tool that will help: Education.” He feels strongly that we all need to work toward increasing scientific literacy to improve life for everyone. “Elysium Artists for the Arctic will teach many more people than I could hope to reach on my own, so I decided to help. Let’s strive to make this world a better place, one mind at a time.”