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Bert van Oort


Prior to his relocation to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, in 2015, Bert van Oort worked within his own company as an overhead line engineer.

The business consulted on large-scale projects, and one of Bert’s favorite projects was The Betuweroute, a green crossing area for wildlife comprised of 190 passages and trails.  The route began in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and ended in Germany for a total length of 159 kilometers (99 miles).

Today Bert joins his wife, whom he met on Bonaire, in the management of both The Mangrove Info Center and Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab.  Bert enjoys his hands-on duties, and he happily digs in to assist with the day-to-day operations of both organizations, with might include sudsing an oiled Masked Booby, or educating visiting tourists about the global importance of mangroves.