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Brett Murphy


Brett is a cleantech professional highly excited about the innovation that occurs when diverse groups of people and new ideas converge to address a challenge.

Motivated by the rights of future generations to enjoy a livable planet, Brett has delivered climate change education and advocacy via the Climate Reality Project, giving community presentations and mentoring new CRP leaders who then work within their own communities.

Brett is also instigating blockchain-based gamified projects to install clean energy systems in remote First Nations communities dependent on expensive and polluting fossil fuel-based generators.

Originally a lawyer, Brett is now Relationship Manager (Energy) for Tesla in Australia after a decade in renewable energy where he leads working groups and develops innovative programs with not-for-profit and corporate organizations to increase the uptake of energy storage.

Brett also loves being part of the steering committee organizing South Australia’s Future Energy Movement to bring together school students, industry, government, academia and tech to agree on a set of accords to shape the future of clean energy in South Australia and beyond.