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Brett Watts


Brett Watts is the founder of Pintano Group, an investment firm established on the principles of sustainability, harmony, and respectfulness. As an Engineer and CEO of a prominent Australian aviation division Brett has extensive experience on an international scale, Brett brings a global perspective to oceanic and environmental conservation.

Brett’s reverence and curiosity for the ocean began at a young age and grew over time. As a certified solo diver, Brett gained respect and admiration for the underwater environment over the course of several decades, spanning all four corners of the globe.

In addition to exploring the northern Arctic region, Brett spent many expeditions warm water diving, documenting native wildlife through photography. A competent sailor, Brett has also navigated the world’s oceans via boat for over thirty years. Beginning in Sydney, Australia, where he resides and extending to Australia’s East Coast for annual sailing trips, Brett is happiest when connected with the seas and sky.

Under Brett’s guidance, Pintano Group donates resources to the advancement of ocean research and environmental sustainability, with the hopes to create positive sustainable change for present and future generations.