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Carl Brandes

Supporting Photographer

Born in Sydney – Australia, Carl grew up around the water and has made his career as a professional marine Captain / Engineer, specializing in and passionate about Superyachts with many 1000’s of Nautical Miles under his belt. Carl is an avid adventurer with a love of the ocean, driven by the sea, exploring some of the remotest places on the globe in search of adventure. He is fascinated by all that inhabits the sea and everything that floats above it. He is very much at home on the ocean, in fact in the last 10 years Carl has spent more time on the sea than on land. Over the years Carl has lead private expeditions to “The Kimberley” on the remote North West coast of Australia, also out into the islands of the South Pacific and recently a cultural voyage of the Mediterranean Sea. A keen Photographer, he tries to capture a snapshot of the special places he has been. He also films most of the adventures to share them with family and friends. Carl is a PADI Dive Master and has been diving from a young age, diving along his journeys, sharing his passion with friends and guests aboard the boats he Captain’s. He also has a pilots license, actually the last Superyacht he Captained for the same owners that he has a long standing work relationship, was equipped with an on board aircraft, so together with the boats Carl has access to all the tools that enables him the freedom to explore otherwise inaccessible places by land, sea and air.