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Chloé Dubois

Steering Committee Ambassador

Chloé Dubois is the President and founding member of the Ocean Legacy Foundation, an integrative program that aims to create pragmatic solutions, which stimulate resource circularity and the plastic circular economy. This is achieved through monetizing ocean plastics, cleaning plastic pollution concentration zones, building innovative technologies to collect and process plastics, addressing plastic pollution policy gaps, and building crucial tools for education and awareness. These tools create a leading approach called EPIC (Education, Policy, Infrastructure, and Cleanup), a mitigation program to prevent pollution from occurring while responding to the plastic pollution crisis currently littering our natural environments. Ms. Dubois has worked in the non-profit and community development sector for the last 15 years. Since co-founding Ocean Legacy in 2013, Ms. Dubois has organized more than 30 extensive cleanup expeditions in 4 countries and has engaged hundreds of thousands of people in direct-action cleanups, education, and recycling initiatives. She has an honours undergraduate degree in Environment and Resource Management with a diploma in Strategic Environmental Assessment from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Ms. Dubois also holds a master’s degree in international studies with a special interest in International Economic Development at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Canada.

Ms. Dubois has been a citizen scientist for over 10 years contributing works to critical climate change research, microplastic research, and water and soil quality testing. Ms. Dubois has also co-created one of the first ocean plastic innovation and processing centres in North America which has now set up recycling infrastructure, depot centres across the province of British Columbia and has diverted over 800,000lbs of plastic collected from clean-up efforts from landfill end of life. Ms. Dubois looks forward to continuing to build systemic change and innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution.