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Christian Olszewski


Christian Olszewski is a freshman at John Carroll University studying data analysis & exercise science. He would like to combine his love for the ocean and concern for the environment with his education upon graduation. He plans to do this primarily through statistical analysis of climate change impact and developing methods to influence the public in a more meaningful way about the urgency of the situation. He is also passionate about campaigning and fighting to obtain more marine protected areas. Especially of interest to him is obtaining more protection for the high seas, as it is often overlooked and so little is under protection at this time. Another way he hopes to use his skills is through 3D mapping the ocean bottom and coral formations for conservation purposes.

Christian is committed to reducing his carbon footprint and educating others on ways to be environmentally aware in everyday life. One of the most gratifying things for Christian is reaching out to people who wouldn’t normally take an interest in climate change or get involved and encouraging them to take small steps toward improving the environment. He guides them to make simple changes, such as reducing plastic use or water conservation. He has found that after seeing them take the first step, people often are typically motivated to continue to do much more.

On ACE 2023, Christian would like to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental threats to Antarctica as well as learn from those who have been there previously about changes that have already occurred. Of particular interest to him are the decreasing krill populations, how climate change and industrial-scale fishing are impacting this keystone species, and what can be done to reverse this loss. Christian would like to compare how climate change is affecting marine life in colder waters vs warmer tropical waters. Of course, he also hopes to photograph the animals and scenery of Antarctica while he is there.

Christian has played hockey since he was five and is now a hockey player on the John Carroll hockey team. He is interested in computers and drawing as well underwater and land photography. He also plays the saxophone and is an avid runner. He is very active in his university’s environmental club and volunteers for river and lake clean-ups regularly. He enjoys scuba diving and traveling and learning about other cultures.