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Danji Jiang


Danji Jiang is known as an interior designer and founded MUA design since 2013 across Canada and China. She has led the development design shaping sustainable community of a mountain area totaling 12,000 acres in China, also involved in the ancient city revival design program for Beijing.

Danji seats on the board of a company that provides sensors, smart city system and clean energy solutions. She is in charge of a non-profit foundation, offers “clean hydropower scholarship” to Chinese universities since 2017, the foundation focused on funneling the talents, supporting energy and environmental studies in universities, provides a positive example for her field.

She is a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens. Years of research in Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) and secluding to an island life in recent years have enlightened her to understand the world from another angle. She believes that real solutions for our current climate issues lie in our mind and cognition. Everything happens within a great cycle; things may recur again until we correct our ways. Ancient culture has the wisdom to read the neglected signs for future incidents.