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Davide Vezzaro

Contributing Photographer

Davide Vezzaro was born far away from the sea, in the small town of Lugano in the Swiss Canton of Ticino. A finance manager with two Master degrees converted to become a photographer without any formal education in this discipline but fueled solely by a deep love of the ocean and its habitant. After a few years of participating in international underwater photographic competitions, he consolidated knowledge and move forward to a professional career in underwater photographer. Davide pursue his endeavour from the clear, freezing Alpine lakes and rivers near his home, refining his own photographic and scuba diving techniques in this chilling water. These are places where the extreme conditions of the water would seem to put anybody off, but with patience and persistence he is able to slowly reveal never-ending designs, reflections and lights to the sensitive, alert visitor.

Born with the desire to explore the world’s most remote places and transmit the emotions that such places create and leave after each sojourn, the photographer became a witness to all he saw, especially for those people who were fortunate to explore the ocean. As a silent reporter, he recorded all the details in photographs and in words. From the very beginning, he was attracted by the biodiversity of the ocean world and constantly searched for new images. The enthusiasm for these two aspects brought him to combine them, working towards the creation of his first underwater works.

A keen fan of wide angle photography and macro-photography, his photos capture the dynamic aspect of each moment, providing a sense of movement and continuity to each photo. In recent years, he has developed a preference and aptitude for extreme wide-angle shots, with which he has managed to reveal the most hidden and innermost scenarios of underwater life. His dynamic images provide a perception of the slightest movement, such as the algae floating in the current or the lazy gait of a tortoise. The mix of light, technology and angle of the photo is essential for a “magical” shot. These three elements, which Davide spends a large part of his research on, provide results that reveal transparency, chiaroscuro, depth of field and sharpness to an expert eye. The development of personalized sub-aqua vision distinguishes his filming style.