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Dr. Annette Scheffer


Home: UK, Germany & Azores

Years with Aurora: 2

Language: German (Native), English (Fluent), French (Fluent)

Background: Annette is a marine biologist, scientist and lecturer specialising in whales, penguins and open ocean ecosystems. She has a PhD in South Georgia, Kerguelen and Crozet Island king penguin behavioural ecology and has worked with the British Antarctic Survey, BirdLife International and CNRS France on protected areas for macaroni penguins. With 15 years experience as a whale-watching guide and advisor for underwater film and photography teams in the Azores and Patagonia, she is now taking students in the Azores to experience the open ocean in the presence of marine life. She works closely with international education institutions where she shares her passion for all areas of marine biology and sustainability, raising awareness of our fragile oceans and their inhabitants.

Favourite Expedition: South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey. The combination of Antarctica and the amazing wildlife of South Georgia is just incredible, and it is fantastic to be able to experience it during one voyage.