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Dr. Elizabeth QUAT (EQ)

Supporting photographer

Dr. Elizabeth QUAT (EQ), born and living in Hong Kong, is an expert in information technology industry. She is the founder of two NGOs: Internet Professional Association and Energy Saving Concern Alliance. She is a well known social entrepreneur, one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” and “Ten Outstanding Young Digi Persons” in 2001, “The Most Successful Women” in 2002, and “One Hundred Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in China” in 2006. EQ’s versatility and passion for life began at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she majored in dancing. She began scuba diving in 1992, started learning underwater photography in 1997, and is a certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor since 1998. EQ has been a vegetarian for 22 years.