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Dr. John Barry

Ship Doctor

Dr John is an Australian family doctor who has a keen interest in expedition and travel medicine. He has worked across Australia in a myriad of roles including an Aboriginal health practitioner in Kemp-sey and in both Accident and Emergency and family practice in both Sydney and rural Australia. 

John and his wife Kirsty have lived, travelled and worked in over 50 countries over the past decade. While in Nepal, John worked at a Himalayan Rescue Post, three days walk from the nearest hospital. While in Ethiopia he worked at a Rural Malaria Clinic and in Peru he worked at a remote hospital. After visiting Antarctica for the fi rst time in 2000, John was always keen to return.

John joined Aurora in 2012 as our ship doctor in Ant-arctica and is now travelling to the Arctic for his second season.  When not aboard Polar Pioneer, John works at a General Practice in Bondi, in addition to working regular shifts in Accident and Emergency. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and paragliding, as well as the simple things like a swim at Bondi Beach.