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Ellen Zhang Junyi


Junyi is a global traveler, photographer, business development manager and green energy associate that is currently based in both Australia and China. From her childhood time, she showed extreme passions about multiculturalism and environmental sustainability. To fulfill the knowledge and experience different culture and environment, Junyi had studied in UK, USA, Japan, China and graduated her school years in Australian National University. 

At the age of 26, Junyi is lucky to be able to travel 20 countries in various continents. The lead that had inspired her to be a nature lover was the travel to Kenya and this influenced her to become a photographer. Junyi started to capture rare and endangered animal species with obsession and utilized social media channel to spread words for the nature and animals to the urban societies in China. She joined Ol Pejeta Conservancy as the life adopter of Prejeta’s sweetwaters chimpanzee – Mwanzo.

On top of organising regional level to BWF World Tour level badminton competitions for the Australian badminton club – NBC Badminton, as a chair member, Junyi had also took part of sponsoring para badminton athletes and special communities with fostering support and charity games. In 2017, Junyi was the volunteer of the United Nation China program to teach mainly English to the left-behind children in the poor area of China (Rugao). These experiences motivated Junyi to desire to help more communities and environmental issues with her ability and knowledge areas. Therefore, she joined Revo Energy Group as the green energy associate for achieving zero carbon emission car use at an even lower green energy needs. Junyi’s development with scientists like Michel Armand and Zhibin Zhou, highly improved the green energy cost-efficiency of the electric vehicle battery and, enforced the whole industry to be more environmental aware with the use of a greener energy.