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Foo Pu Wen

Contributing Photographer

Born 1984 in singapore, I started out with a passion for scuba diving, eager to explore the hidden world beneath.
Eventually this led me down a path of underwater photography. An avivd enthusiast, i continue to learn my craft,studying under the guidance of many recognized underwater photographers.

I would say the greatest joy i get from underwater photography would be “sharing the ocean wonders”.
a step at a time, i made my way out of asia, exploring the continents and oceans, appreciating and sharing the beauty through my works.  My direction would be towards the new generation, conservation starts from young.

Out of waters, I work in the entertainment technical world managing stunt performances. Maintaining the safety aspect at all times, and working behind the scenes the seamless daily routines/shows are made possible by the amazing, dedicated, unseen and unknown crew.

“Every photo you take depicts your state of mind at that point of time.”